EnvyNG saved my day

A week ago I upgraded my Ubuntu Linux from Gutsy (7.10) to Hardy (8.04.1). All seemed to work properly after the upgrade. But then I saw a message in my desktop that notified me the driver I was using was a free one that was not able to manage the 3D acceleration of my card. It suggested me to activate the binary one from NVidia if I wanted those advanced features, so I did it.

When I restarted the system, my monitor was not detected and I couldn't use a high resolution screen (only 800x600). I tried to revert the change but it was not possible. Then I googled a little and could find this interesting thread, where I found a magical solution: EnvyNG.

I installed its GTK+ package (envyng-gtk) with Synaptic, executed its GTK+ app, followed the instructions of its wizard (very easy to use) and after a restart...voilà! My desktop works like a charm again !!!

The description of the EnvyNG package is:
"EnvyNG is an application written in Python which will download the latest ATI or NVIDIA driver or the Legacy driver (for older cards) (according to the model of your card) from ATI or Nvidia's website and set it up for you handling dependencies (compilers, OpenGL, etc.) which are required in order to build and use the driver."

To this brilliant programmer called Alberto Milone: thank you very much for making this great and elegant solution!

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